Summer Training 2018 — Joining Instructions

27 May 2018 — CC2806 Annual Review
May 18, 2018
08 September 2018 – First day! / Regular Training
September 3, 2018

Below  are the electronic copies of the joining Instructions for the various cadet training centres cadets will be attending this summer.

If you have any questions regarding the content, please do not hesitate to contact the Training Officer.




Valcartier CTC & All Cadets Information Booklet 2018_Eng

Rocky Mountain CTC RCSU (NW) CTC JIs – Rocky Eng

Argonaut CTC, Greenwood CTC Atlantic Region Cadet Joining Instructions 2018 V2 (1 Jun 18)

Whitehorse CTC RCSU (NW) CTC JIs – Whitehorse

CF Basic Parachutist Course (Trenton CTC) Basic Parachutist Joining Instructions 2018

Fullbore Marksmanship Phase I (Connaught CTC) Connaught 2018 JI

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