11 to 13 January – Winter FTX 2019

5 January 2018 – Winter DayEx!
January 4, 2019
19 Jan 2019 – Regular Training
January 18, 2019

11 to 13 Jan 2019 – Winter FTX 2019
Cadet Corp 2086 will be undertaking a WINTER field training exercise this coming weekend!

  1. Cadets are to arrive at cadet corps for 18:00 on Friday evening
    2. Dress: FTU uniform or appropriate civilian outdoor clothing for extended outdoor activity
    3. No meals will be provided Friday evening, cadets are expected to eat before arrival.
    4. Sleeping bags, and ruck sacks will be provided to the cadet for the weekend.
    5. Cadets must have a water bottle in their possession
    6. Bring appropriate clothing for outdoors! it is getting cold outside especially at night. (See permission slip and kit list below)
    7. Cadets MUST have in their possession their EPI-Pens, Asthma Inhaler & medications for the weekend, and valid medicate card. You WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO GET ON THE BUS WITHOUT THESE ITEMS.
    8. Cadets are expected back at the corps by Sunday Jan 13 at 16:00. Updates on arrival will be posted on the cadet face book forum.

Winter FTX2019 Permission+Kit list ENG&FR – 20190111-13

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