9 February 2019 – Sports Day!

02 Feb 2019 – CO Parade & Regular Training
February 1, 2019
16 Feb 2019 – Regular Training
February 13, 2019

9 February 2019 – Sports Day!

Arrival 0830 at St-Anthony Elementary School

Address: 17750 Rue Meloche, Pierrefonds, QC H9J 3P9

See link to map: https://goo.gl/maps/4woBGArV9gp

  1. Dress: Sports / PT Wear Corp Dark green T-Shirt with RMR crest and running shoes.
  2. Meals: Cadets to bring a cold lunch as there is no option to warm up food or buy food.
  3. Due to the physical nature of the training being conducted, please ensure that cadets eat breakfast prior to their arrival
  4. Cadets must have a water bottle in their possession
  5. Bring appropriate clothing for outdoors! (Tuques, Gloves and warm jackets)
  6. Cadets Dismissal: 15:30hr

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