09 March 2019 – Hiking Expedition and Sugaring off

02 March 2019 – CO Parade & Regular Training
February 27, 2019
16 Mar 2019 – Regular Training
March 13, 2019

09 March 2019 – Hiking Expedition and Sugaring off

Cadet Corp 2086 will be going on a all day field trip to the Mt- St-Gregoire area for a morning of Hiking and followed by a sugaring off activity.

1. Cadets are to arrive at no later than 07:30 at the Cadet Corps on Saturday for bus transport
2. Dress: Civilian attire NO CADET UNIFORMS. Proper boots and clothing for an extended outdoor activity (tuque, scarf, and gloves/mitts)
3. Lunch will be provide to the cadets as part of the sugaring off activity. (please inform us of any dietary restrictions your child may)
4. Cadets must have a water bottle in their possession
5. Due to the physical nature of the training being conducted, please ensure that cadets eat breakfast prior to their arrival
6. Affected cadets, Cadets MUST have in their possession their EPI-Pens, medications for the outing, and valid Medicare card. You WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO GET ON THE BUS WITHOUT THESE ITEMS.
7. Cadets are expected back at the corps by 17:00. Updates on arrival will be posted on the cadet facebook forum.
We would ask for as punctual a pickup from parents/guardians as possible. 


8. See attached permission slip.

permission slip Hiking_Sugaring Off – 20190309

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