13 April 2019 – Navigation DayEx!

Navigation FTX 26-28 April 2019 Questionnaire
April 7, 2019
Visit to the RMR 20 April 2019
April 14, 2019

13 April 2019 – Navigation DayEx!

1. Arrival 0830
2. Dress for the day: Combats
3. Meals: Cadets are required to bring their lunch for the day.
4. Due to the physical nature of the training being conducted, please ensure that cadets eat breakfast prior to their arrival.
5. Cadets must have a water bottle in their possession
6. Bring appropriate clothing for outdoors! (cadet tuque, gloves and warm jackets, Combat boots or winter boots).
7. For all required cadets, asthma pumps and Epi pens must be brought.
8. Dismissal: 1600


12 April 2019 NCO Night Workshop & Sleepover.

1. Arrival as per schedule supplied
2. Breakfast will be provided
3. NCOs staying the night will be treated to a Pizza Lunch

NOTE: Please see the notification to sign up for the Navigation FTX being held the weekend of April 26th to 28th.


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