Zone Marksmanship Competition

14 Mar 2020 – Regular Training
March 9, 2020
Training Cancelled
March 13, 2020

Zone Marksmanship Competition
15 Mar 2020

Timing: 0800h-1700h

Location to meet: HCSM Donacona located at 3525 rue Saint-Jacques, Montréal, Québec, H4C 0A1

Dress: C5E (Sports)
The following cadets will participate in the competition:
** Must bring their health card**

  1. WO Martel Eastmond
  2. MCpl Massicotte
  3. Cpl Athauda
  4. Cpl Guo
  5. LCpl Nacked-Cabral

The following cadets qualified to be called up as alternates in the event that someone can no longer participate:

  1. MCpl Hart
  2. LCpl Cantin
  3. Cdt Bustillo
  4. Cdt Ethier

Please remember to pack a lunch and to wear comfortable clothing for firing in the prone position. Should a cadet not be able to participate in the competition they must let their coach know as soon as possible.

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