General Information

  • The sponsoring committee works with the cadet corps for the planification of activities. If you are interested in joining us, Please come to the first meeting of the year on Wednesday September 9 at the cadet corps for 6h30.

  • Registration is every Saturday, between 0845 and 1500 at the Cadets Corps Pointe-Claire

    We are located in the basement of the Pointe-Claire Public Security Building
    399 Boulevard St. Jean
    Pointe-Claire, H9R 3J2

    It is free for all boys and girls having 12 years of age and up, we are looking forward to see you joining us. For more information on how to join the Army Cadet go to

    Registration process here.

  • 2806 Latest news

    • Saturday 1 April 2017
      Regular Training

      • Cadets arrival to the Corps for 08:30
      • Silver Stars & Gold Stars - Evaluations start this week. It is important that all cadets arrive prepared for their evaluations.
      • Bring your lunch and water bottle
      • Bring appropriate outdoor clothing, this includes a proper winter jacket, boots, toque, gloves etc.
        • Field training uniform only for the group in Bushcraft, bring your issued sweater
        • Sports activities: bring running shoes and indoor sports attires, as well as appropriate outdoor attires for walking.
        • Marksmanship group - Sports attires and running shoes
      • Cadets departure planned for 16:00
    • Up Coming Activities

      • Saturday 8 Avril 2017 - RMR Visit and Mess Diner
        Cadets will be dismissed from the Mess Diner at 22:00 from Chalet Arthur-Seguin on 365 Saint-Louis AV, POINTE-CLAIRE QC
      • Sunday 16 Avril 2017 - First Aid Course - 22 spots, sign up sheet is on the bulletin Board
      • Silver Stars Expedition - week end of 28-29-30 April 2017. Escort Officer CV Bermingham. Cadets concerned will receive a permission slip and other documents. It is important that all documents are signed.


    - Winter Survival Field Training Exercise January 2017 -

    The Royal Canadian Army Cadet movement is designed for youths 12 to 18 years old looking for adventure in the areas of orienteering, biathlon, precision drill, camping and survival, sports, music and much more while developing friendship and team spirit. There are no registration fees or costs for the authorized Cadet uniforms or for the basic Cadet program. Qualified Cadets may attend summer training camps for free or participate in international exchanges.

    RC(Army)CC Pointe-Claire is located in Pointe-Claire, Quebec and caters to youth from across the West Island of Montreal. We parade every Saturday from 0900 hours until 1200 hours with optional training opportunities offered from 1200 hours to 1530 hours. The unit trains in English and in French. For more information about army cadets or our unit in general, please check out the information found in our registration section.