🏆RSM challenge🏆 After Action Challenge📝

2020 ACR Video Addresses
May 31, 2020
Virtual CTC Summer Training Opportunities 2020
June 29, 2020

What: Write a minimum of 5 sentences in email about your favorite part of the training year. You have to detail why it’s your favorite activity or aspect of the training year.

Questions to help you: How did you feel? What concepts and abilities have you learned? What was different than the other activities that you liked?

Deadline: Thursday 1900hrs the 11th of June.

Send your email to: 2806armee@cadets.gc.ca or you can send it to our Facebook page if you do not have your own email account.

After actions are important because you can review what went well or what’s to be worked on and improve yourself. You should do you own after action about your goals for cadets this year too.

I look forward to see your letters 🙌🏾

CWO Akochy

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