Virtual NCO Training

New Cadets 2020!
September 1, 2020
Online Training
October 14, 2020

Good Day NCOs,

This coming Saturday we will be having our (Virtual) NCO Orientation meeting with the officers and staff cadets.We look forward to seeing a strong participation from Master Cadets, Gold Stars and Section Commanders. This meeting is important and will lay out the changes that have been enacted, to allow us to continue to deliver a dynamic cadet experience. This year’s training will be very unique with rules in place for your safety. By working together, we’re certain we can make this a memorable cadet training year!As mentioned previously, you have been sent out an email that we will be working virtually with Teams. Your usernames and passwords have been sent out to the emails on file. If you do not have them yet please reach out to our page for help. By returning the annual validation form we will know that the cadet’s email on file is current.Try out Teams early to make sure it works according to our expectations and come to the meeting early to ensure a smooth transition.Dress for the virtual meeting will be the Field Training Uniform or Corps’ Dark Green CC2806 T-Shirt with appropriate clothing.

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