Commanding Officer

Captain Kim Keturah Thomas

Commanding Officer's Message:

Welcome to the 2806 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps Pointe-Claire (RMR).

The 2806 Corps was founded 50 years ago, with the goal to serve the youth of Pointe-Claire community. 2806 Corps offered a wide range of challenging and rewarding activities to its members. The corps have evolved over the years adapting to the needs and interests of our Cadets. Today, we encourage cadets to be active and responsible members of their community. Cadets learns valuable skills like leadership, teamwork, citizenship, healthy sport habits which will serve them through their life as adults and potential leaders in their future workplace. Through the program cadets reap the personal benefits of increased self-confidence and physical fitness, learning how to take initiative, and how to make decisions. Cadets make valuable contributions to Canadian society on a daily basis in terms of environmental, citizenship and community activities.

The Program is sponsored by the Department of National Defense, Instruction and supervision are provided by CIC officers leveraging military structure as a framework. Officers are specially trained by the Canadian Forces to work with youth in a safe and positive environment. Many of our former cadets return to our unit as CIC officers or civilian instructors, passing on the benefits of their cadet knowledge and experiences to future generations.

Our cadets participate in a wide variety of activities such as orienteering, geocaching, hiking, music, bushcraft, winter survival, map & compass, marksmanship, biathlon, team sports, community service and much more. Our service to local youth is made possible by the sponsorship of the City of Pointe-Claire, as well as by our affiliation with the Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR) and volunteer assistance from Canadian Forces personnel. Parents of current and former cadets provide support through our Sponsoring Committee, which oversees fundraising and recruitment.

Over the years, I've seen young cadets maturing as fine grown adults and leaders, I've even more appreciated the benefits and quality of the cadets program and its full value for our youth. As Commanding Officer I believe in the values of the Cadet program and will continue and expand on traditions and ‘Esprit de Corps’ that has been built and instilled by previous COs of the 2806 Pointe-Claire (RMR) and our affiliated regiment the Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR) for the last 50 years.

We invite and encourage you to develop new life skills, friendships and be up to a challenge by joining the Royal Canadian Army Cadets.