Officers and Staff

Captain Kim Thomas

Commanding Officer

Capt Thomas was first involved in the cadet program in 1996 when she joined CC 2675 3FER in Westmount, Qc. In December 2000 she ended her time as a cadet on her 19th birthday. At the time of her cadet retirement she was the cadet 2nd in command of the corps and held the appointment of Master Cadet. She returned to CC2675 as a civilian instructor in 2006. During this time, she served as an instructor and administration officer. Capt Thomas enrolled as a CIC officer at CC 2862 The Royal Montreal Regiment in 2008 when CC 2675 was disbanded. While there, she served as the administration officer and then held the position of Training Officer from 2009 until 2012 when she transferred to CC 2806 to work in administration. Capt Thomas earned the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal in 2013 for her commitment and dedication to the Canadian Cadet Organizations. In 2015, she was appointed to the position of Training officer. While in this role, she changed the way that the corps completes its it training objectives and has empowered cadets to grow organically though the direction of the Canadian Cadet Organizations current ethos. Capt Thomas has also spent years working during the summer training period. She has been appointed as the Company Commander for the Fullbore Marksmanship training program at Connaught CTC for the second year in a row. With over 11 years of experience as a CIC officer, as Capt Thomas takes on the role and the responsibilities of a corps commanding officer, we will continue to see the positive outcomes of her approach to development of cadets within the program.

Lieutenant Manfred Breuner

Training Officer

I was first exposed to cadets when my daughter enrolled about 7 years ago. I was interested in the movement so I joined the parent/sponsoring committee and helped where I could in fund raising community service etc. When my daughter completed her time in cadets, I wanted to play a more active role in the corps so I proceeded to become a CI. After the full immersion into the program I was hooked! Shortly thereafter I enrolled in the Canadian Forces as an officer in the Cadet Instructor Cadre.I have seen firsthand the positive results the cadet system has on the youth that pass through it.

My civilian work experience is in manufacturing, specifically plastic injection molding and project management. Working with suppliers and customers all around the world.

Capt John Wylie

Administration Officer

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2Lt Johnathan Boisvert

2 Platoon Commander

I have spent seven years in the cadet program going on my eighth this year. I started as a cadet and worked my way up to c/CWO and became the RSM of 2806. During my development in cadets in thought me valuable life skills that use today such as leadership, planning, organization and maturity. All these skills I learnt a young age and was able to develop them earlier than most at such a young age of fifteen. My career as a cadet has led me to multiple camps and opportunities within the program as I’ve been to Whitehorse for a six-week expedition, Rocky Mountain exchange for six weeks and had the pleasure of being a staff cadet at Connaught. All my experiences have helped me grow as a person and meet new people from around the world and develop a better understanding of different cultures. Now, I am a civilian instructor that takes my experiences and passing them down to the next generation of cadets to develop, inspire and mentor the cadets, to help them become the best they can be.

Lt Aiden Forsyth

1 Platoon Commander

My time with the army cadet program through to c/Chief Warrant Officer were instrumental for my personal development. After completing my degree, I returned to help the next generation of Canadian leaders. As the administration officer it is my duty to keep the staff up to date with the latest additions to the program. This involves keeping the progression of cadets up to date and informing them of the summer training sessions and regional/national activities they can apply to. I hope that all our cadets get just as much or more than I did and continue to apply it after they leave the program. My civilian life revolves around my training as a biochemist and the skills I took away from cadets for community-based involvement. I am available to any cadet that is seeking advice for post-secondary education or wants to know how they can translate their cadet involvement to an academic club or society.

Capt James Carroll

Supply Officer

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Lt David Verdieu

Senior Instructor

Prior becoming a civilian instructor, I was a cadet. I was able to raise through the ranks, and become a Master Warrant Officer, appointed to the position of the Company Sergeant Major within CC2806. The cadet program defined my skills as a leader, and being an active member of my community. In my civilian life, I am currently a student within the Psychology bachelor at Université de Montréal. Meanwhile, within my officer life, I am a platoon commander. My job revolves around offering guidance to the cadets leading a platoon. I am fluent in both English, and French.